The sun rises over Amaknak Island, part of the Aleutian Islands chain.

Unite in the fight against climate change


Take a stand now

Climate change is reshaping human civilization. How we respond will determine the future of our species.

Take the pledge now:

  • I pledge to take individual action to help protect the environment.
  • I pledge to remind my friends, family and others about the importance of greening their daily actions in order protect the nature essential for future generations.
  • I pledge to stand with world leaders to support practical solutions to climate change so that we can fully realize the goals of the Paris Agreement: to secure a safe climate for all.




Take the pledge

We must take action and unite to protect nature – our greatest ally in addressing climate change.




About Conservation International

For nearly 30 years, Conservation International has been protecting nature for the benefit of all.

We know that human beings are totally dependent on nature — and that by saving nature, we’re saving ourselves. To that end, Conservation International is helping to build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet.

We do this through science, policy, and partnerships with countries, communities and companies. We employ more than 1,400 people and work with more than 2,000 partners in 30 countries. Over the years, we have helped establish 1,200 protected areas across 78 countries, safeguarding more than 730 million hectares of land, marine and coastal areas.

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