Rough, stormy ocean surface.

Protect Our Oceans

Our oceans are suffering, but you can help.


Earth’s vast oceans, long viewed as an infinite supply of food and a bottomless repository for our waste, have been pushed to the brink. Now, with sea levels rising and coral reefs dying, our oceans’ ability to support marine life — and us — is at risk. It is time to sound the alarm.

Troubled Waters

With their ability to feed the world and regulate our climate, Earth's oceans make our planet livable. Yet we’re choking the life out of them:


More trash than fish
Each year by weight, three times more trash is dumped into the ocean than fish caught
33% of fisheries are depleted
A third of the world’s wild fisheries are overexploited or depleted
Species populations are down by 50%
In the past 40 years, populations of marine species have been cut in half

Answering the Call

Conservation International works in 20 countries to sustainably and equitably manage oceans and coasts for the benefit of people and nature. ​Our strategy is threefold: to safeguard the ocean areas on which humans depend, to reinforce and protect depleted wild-catch fisheries, and to reinvigorate degraded coastal ecosystems and restore their ability to mitigate climate change.


The world’s oceans are vast, the threats widespread, and there’s much more work to do. You can help.​




You can help protect 1 square kilometer of ocean with a donation of $34. This can protect critical species and the livelihoods of people who depend on the ocean.