Gift​s that give back (to nature)

You can support initiatives that support nature and help Conservation International protect nature so people can thrive. Here are some meaningful gift ideas that benefit nature, from supporting small businesses to brand campaigns with large corporations, as well as actions and activities that don't require a gift.


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The Priceless Planet Coalition

Join with Mastercard to restore 100 million trees.

The Priceless Planet Coalition — a partnership of Conservation International, Mastercard and the World Resources Institute — is helping to restore some of Earth’s most valuable forests, with the goal of planting 100 million trees. You can be part of this movement by contributing at

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Consign for Conservation International

From April 22nd to April 30th, when you consign at any of TheRealReal stores, you can choose to donate your commissions to Conservation International to help protect our oceans and forests for the well-being of humanity. Consignment can play a crucial role in sustainability by extending the lifecycle of fashion items, reducing waste, and promoting a circular economy. Join us in giving today's fashion a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Traveling on Hawaiian Airlines?

Your next trip can help keep forests standing.

Hawaiian Airlines and Conservation International have teamed up on a new program to mālama (care for) the environment. It enables Hawaiian Airlines passengers to compensate for their flights’ emissions — protecting forests and supporting local communities at the same time.

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The Mastercard® Wildlife Impact Gift Card

Help build a future for all species.

Species extinction is an issue that affects all of us. Mastercard has teamed up with Conservation International to help wildlife and people thrive together. We invite you to send a Wildlife Impact gift card to friends and loved ones — it can be used everywhere Debit Mastercard® is accepted. Each card features a critically endangered species and highlights just how close these animals are to extinction. For every card purchased, a $1 donation will go to Conservation International to help protect wildlife and their habitats. If you want to do even more to help protect endangered species and the environment, you can contribute to Conservation International through the Mastercard Donate platform.

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A gift that gives back to the planet!

For each Priceless Planet Gift Card purchased, you are helping to plant a tree. When selecting this gift card, an additional $2 is added to the purchase fee and included in your order total at checkout. These funds will be aggregated and donated to Conservation International on a monthly basis. The approximate cost of restoring one tree is $2.

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Conscious Step

Slip on a pair of socks that help protect wildlife.

We believe in a world where nature thrives with every stride. Conservation International and Conscious Step have partnered to create a collection of socks, sweatshirts, and candles that help protect our planet and its vulnerable species. A portion of each sale benefits Conservation International’s efforts to protect biodiversity and the places in nature we all need to thrive.

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Thrive Natural Care

Revitalize your skin, our planet, and rural farmer communities.

With support from Conservation International Ventures, natural skincare brand Thrive Natural Care uses a blend of unique regenerative superplants, making products that work with your body, not against it. Their award-winning BodyShield50 mineral sunscreen uses novel superplant oil — Coralillo — to offer healthy, reef-safe/non-nano, water-resistant skin protection for the whole family. Bodyshield50 is certified Plastic Negative, and each purchase helps restore degraded lands and empower rural farmers. Safeguard your skin and revitalize the planet.

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Rosenstiels & Prints and Fine Art

Inspired by nature, benefitting nature

Rosenstiels, a world-renowned UK publisher of fine art, has partnered with 12 leading artists and photographers to create a limited edition set of prints inspired by Conservation International’s work. Available to purchase at, all the proceeds from each print will be donated by the artists, Rosenstiels & Prints and Fine Art to Conservation International. Each work in this exclusive collection will be limited to 25 copies, accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist. You can purchase these inspiring works of art while supporting Conservation International! Prices range between $480 & $1,600.

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© Philippe Cousteau / Austin Aslin

‘The Endangereds’

Pick up this page-turner where endangered wildlife are the heroes.

“The Endangereds” is an action-packed book series for kids ages 8+ about four animals who decide to take fate into their own paws — perfect for budding environmentalists and readers who love animal tales! Written by environmentalist and Xploration Awesome Planet host Philippe Cousteau and Austin Aslan, the author of the “TURBO Racers” series and the “Islands at the End of the World,” “The Endangereds” delivers for everyone who knows animals are the real heroes. Learn more about how to support global conservation efforts at!

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Other ways you can protect nature

Are you looking for ways to protect nature without consuming? Here are actions and activities that can still protect nature.

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Offset your family’s carbon footprint

Calculate your carbon footprint.

Start this season fresh and carbon-neutral! Calculate your footprint by using Conservation International’s carbon calculator and offset your family’s impact for an entire year. Your contribution will directly support our carbon projects in Kenya, Madagascar and Peru, while supporting local communities whose livelihoods depend on nature.

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School of fish in Fiji
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Help protect our oceans

Just $34 helps protect 1 square kilometer of ocean.

Beset by habitat destruction, overfishing and pollution, the ocean is losing the ability to provide the benefits that humans have come to rely on: food, livelihoods and a stable climate. With a donation of just $34, you can protect 1 square kilometer of ocean.

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YUS Conservation Area 
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Help protect our forests

Just $25 helps protect 1 acre of forest.

Protect an acre of forest. Tropical forests are vital for the health and well-being of people around the world. Help us protect them: With a donation of just $25, you can protect 1 acre of forest.

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Looking up at the canopy in the Amapá State Forest, Brazil
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Tab for a Cause

Raise money for Conservation International with each tab you open.

Each day when you open a new browser tab, you can now contribute to Conservation International with a simple click. With our partner, Tab for a Cause, with each new tab you open, a gift will be made to Conservation International through one of their sponsors. Visit Tab for a Cause to set up the app on your browser.

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