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Introducing our newest global giving community, where supporters come together with our experts to improve people’s lives through the care and protection of nature.


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This is a decisive decade for our climate, nature and for every one of us. While the effects of our changing climate are concerning, the opportunity to impact our future is greater than ever. We have solutions we can scale, a broad coalition of global partners, the attention of the world and visionary supporters eager to join us as we seize this critical moment.

The window for change is still open, and the actions we take over the next few years will impact not only life on Earth now, but for generations to come. We hope you’ll join us.

Together, we’ll create a sustainable future for the benefit of all life on this planet.

Azure Circle members are behind some of the most cutting-edge conservation science taking place today. With a flexible gift of $10,000 or more, you will support nature-based climate solutions, protection of some of the last uncharted ecosystems on Earth, and help our scientists turn the tide for the health of our oceans.


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Join in conversations with Conservation International’s world-class scientists and field team members who are working to protect nature in some of the most remote and challenging places on Earth.


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Receive invitations to one-of-a-kind events where you can meet and interact with Conservation International’s leadership and meet Azure Circle supporters.


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Invest in the future of nature and people

Azure conjures images of cool mountain forests, clear blue skies and vast, deep waters. Like those extraordinary places, our Azure Circle donors help sustain life on our planet.

Please join our scientists, partners and other visionary donors around the world to stabilize our climate, double ocean protection, advance nature-positive economies and reimagine an inclusive and compassionate global conservation movement.


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