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EditQuote Text (Do not add quotation marks):Today’s global environmental challenges require breakthrough leadership.
Investing in emerging talent and the bold and life-changing ideas they generate are among the most important contributions we can make. Tom and I are delighted to establish the Friedman Fellowship Program for Science at Conservation International to support brilliant science minds as they pursue their dreams and find new solutions to these 21st-century challenges.
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For questions, please contact:
Kelsey Rosenbaum
Director, Global Exchanges
(703) 341-2853

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    The Ann and Tom Friedman Fellows for Science Program recognizes and supports the key role that science plays in achieving CI’s conservation goals. During the two-year program, the Friedman science fellows will have the opportunity to participate in a cohort program that will provide leadership training, site visits and mentoring. Supported by CI’s vast network of staff and partners, they will effectively advance their research and its application on the ground ​in our priority regions around the world.

    CI is coming up with innovative ways to document and quantify the benefits of a healthy planet, and the Friedman fellows will contribute important scientific research to advance that work — and solve our greatest conservation challenges.

    Current Fellows

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    Edit Title:Emily Corwin
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    Green-Gray Infrastructure Fellow
    Emily’s fellowship is focused on integrating traditional civil or “gray” engineering techniques with “green” ecosystem restoration and/or conservation for the mutual benefit of people and nature. As a registered professional civil engineer in California, and founder of an environmental engineering firm that focuses on water resource and conservation projects, Emily will support green-gray opportunities across Conservation International, starting with pilot projects in the Philippines.

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    Edit Title:Dane Klinger
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    Aquaculture Innovation Fellow
    Dane is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist and economist who has worked for and with businesses, foundations, NGOs and universities in the United States and abroad to address a range of challenges in commercial aquaculture and the global seafood trade. His fellowship is focused on leading the development of Conservation International’s global aquaculture program with an emphasis on improving governance, access to finance and financial tools, and innovation in the aquaculture sector.

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