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Conservation.orgCI_myAfricaLaunchPermanentLightbox suppression cookie365 
Conservation.orgCIFloatingSignupPermanentFloating Email call-to-actionabout 100 
Conservation.orgCIRegisteredVisitorIdentifies that the user had signed in through a pushdown Email call-to-action3,650 
Conservation.orgCITopNavDonateClosedCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action2, 7 or 30, depending on logic 
Conservation.orgCITopNavDonatePermanentCounterCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action3,650 
Conservation.orgCITopNavDonatePermanentlyClosedCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action3,650 
Conservation.orgCITopNavDonateSessionCounterCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action2, 7 or 30, depending on logic 
Conservation.orgCITopNavDonateSuppressedViewsCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action2, 7 or 30, depending on logic 
Conservation.orgCITopNavSignupCloseCounterCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action2, 7 or 365, depending on logic 
Conservation.orgCITopNavSignupClosedCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action2, 7 or 365, depending on logic 
Conservation.orgCITopNavSignupPermanentCounterCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action3,650 
Conservation.orgCITopNavSignupPermanentlyClosedCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action3,650 
Conservation.orgCITopNavSignupSessionCounterCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action2, 7 or 365, depending on logic 
Conservation.orgCITopNavSignupSuppressedViewsCookie to handle when/how to (re-)display a pushdown call-to-action2, 7 or 365, depending on logic 

Third Party Cookies

Cookies that help us track performance, analytics and research are provided by trusted third parties like CrazyEgg, VWO, Google Analytics, SharePoint, AddThis, Facebook, Jotform, Twitter, Quantcast, Qzzr, Stripe and YouTube. Since the number and names of cookies change, this table is a time stamped representation of the cookies currently used on our website. It may be updated from time to time. It covers the following domains: / /

PartyDomainCookie NameDescriptionExpiration (days)Opt‑Out
Addthisconservation.org__atuvc about 396Opt out
AddThisconservation.org__atuvs about 0Opt out
AddThis.addthis.comloc about 396Opt out
AddThis.addthis.commus about 390Opt out
AddThis.addthis.comuid about 390Opt out
AddThis.addthis.comuvc about 396Opt out
AppNexus.adnxs.comanj about 90Opt out
AppNexus.adnxs.comsess about 1Opt out
AppNexus.adnxs.comuuid2 about 90Opt out
Bing.convio.net_uetsid about 0Opt out about 180Opt out about 390Opt out about 390Opt out
Blackbaudsecure2.convio.netDform Not setMore information
Blackbaudsecure2.convio.netJSESSIONID Not setMore information
BlueKai.bluekai.combkdc about 180Opt out
BlueKai.bluekai.combku about 180Opt out
CrazyEggconservation.org_ceg.s about 91Opt out
CrazyEggconservation.org_ceg.u about 91Opt out
CrazyEggconservation.org_ceir about 1,825Opt out
Doubleclick.doubleclick.netIDE about 730Opt out
Facebook.facebook.com_js_datr about 730More information
Facebook.facebook.com_js_reg_ext_ref Not setMore information
Facebook.facebook.com_js_reg_fb_gate Not setMore information
Facebook.facebook.com_js_reg_fb_ref Not setMore information
Facebook.facebook.comfr about 90More information
Facebook.facebook.comwd about 7More information  Not setMore information
Google Analytics.stories.conservation.org__utma about 730Opt out
Google Analytics.stories.conservation.org__utmb about 0Opt out
Google Analytics.stories.conservation.org__utmc Not setOpt out
Google Analytics.stories.conservation.org__utmt about 0Opt out
Google Analytics.stories.conservation.org__utmt_b about 0Opt out
Google Analytics.stories.conservation.org__utmz about 182Opt out
Google Analyticsconservation.org_ga about 730Opt out
Google Analyticsconservation.org_gat_gtmtracker 1 minuteOpt out
Google Analyticsconservation.org_gat_UA-283422-16  Opt out
Google Analytics used by Qzzrconservation.org_gid about 1Opt out
Jotform.jotformz.comguest about 31More information
Jotform.jotformz.comlast_form about 31More information
Jotform.jotformz.comtheme about 31More information
Jotform.jotformz.comuserReferer about 31More information
Linkedin.linkedin.comlidc about 1More information
MediaMath.mathtag.comuuid about 393Opt out
MediaMath.mathtag.comuuidc about 393Opt out
Microsoft SharePoint cookieconservation.orgSearchQuery Not set 
Microsoft SharePoint cookieconservation.orgSearchSession Not set 
Microsoft SharePoint cookieconservation.orgWSS_FullScreenModeUsed to indicate whether a page is shown in full screen modeNot set 
Quantcastconservation.org__qca about 392Opt out
Quantcast.quantserve.commc about 396Opt out
Qzzr.qzzr.com_nid about 732More information
Qzzr and JotformCloudfare__cfduid about 365More information
Stripe.checkout.stripe.com__stripe_mid about 365More information
Stripe.checkout.stripe.com__stripe_sid about 0 hoursMore information
Stripecheckout.stripe.comcheckout-live-session about 3,653More information
Stripecheckout.stripe.comcid about 2,915,236More information
Stripe.m.stripe.comm about 3,650More information
Stripem.stripe.networknsr Not setMore information
Twitter.twitter.com_twitter_sess Not setMore information
Twitter.twitter.comct0 about 6 hoursMore information
Twitter.twitter.comexternal_referer about 7More information
Twitter.twitter.comguest_id about 730More information
Twitter.twitter.compersonalization_id about 730More information
Twitter.twitter.comtfw_exp about 1More information
VWOconservation.org_vis_opt_exp_36_combi about 100Opt out
VWOconservation.org_vis_opt_s about 100Opt out
VWOconservation.org_vis_opt_test_cookie Not setOpt out
VWOconservation.org_vwo_uuid about 3,650Opt out
VWOconservation.org_vwo_uuid_v2 about 366Opt out about 243More information about 180More information Not setMore information
 .adsrvr.orgTDCPM about 365 
 .adsrvr.orgTDID about 365 
 .akamaized.netaka_debug Not set 
 .demdex.netdemdex about 180 
 .dpm.demdex.netdpm about 180 
 .sitescout.comssi about 365 
 .tubemogul.com_tmid about 365 
 conservation.org__distilleryUsed by video playerabout 365