Conservation International



March. 27. 2023

Today, Conservation International announced Amelia Juhl as its Country Director, effective March 27th, 2023.



She brings over 20 years of leading creative teams around human-centered design, innovation consulting, and marketing. 

In the first decade of her career, she worked as a Strategic Planner at Wunderman, a marketing agency serving multinational brands, where she learned to move comfortably from research to ideation and strategy to execution. 

In her second decade at IDEO, she first played the human-centered Design Researcher role, observing people and interpreting their unarticulated needs to design better products, services, and systems. She has led projects such as redesigning medical devices for the elderly and envisioning digital tools and systems for farmers that boost the local food economies. As a Design Director, she was passionate about accelerating conversations around Circular Design and designing products with their entire lifecycle from sourcing to reuse in mind. 

“I’m excited to take my experience in storytelling and innovative thinking to persuade Japanese enterprises to see their opportunities in investing in nature,” says Amelia. “I’ve admired Conservation International as both a human-and-planet-centered organization and look forward to working with the CI team, the Japanese government, and enterprises towards our shared impact goals.” 

Amelia graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she studied International Relations. Raised by a Japanese mother and American father, she thrives in diverse settings, having spent her youth in a multicultural student community in Tokyo. Each summer, she spent time on a ranch in Wisconsin caring for horses. These experiences are her inspiration in aspiring to design businesses that function in harmony with nature.