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From the archives: How Brazil’s environmental decisions affect the world

By Ben Koses

August 4, 2016
With the Olympics unfolding in Rio, Brazil is a growing leader in shaping our world’s environmental future.
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In Kenya’s famed ‘green hills,’ saving water means saving forests

By Christina Ender

August 3, 2016
In the face of widespread poverty and unsustainable development, how can communities in the Chyulu Hills protect their life-giving springs?
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5 things you didn't know sharks do for you

By Molly Bergen

June 29, 2016
For Shark Week, we’re re-sharing one of Human Nature’s all-time most popular shark blogs.
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Before and after: In four short years, new forest takes root

By Jessica Scranton

May 25, 2016
On the edge of an Indonesian national park, a photographer documents farmland being reclaimed by the trees.
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When protecting nature isn’t enough

By Molly Bergen

May 18, 2016
In the Philippines, nature and tech form an unlikely alliance to protect islands from storms.
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