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On World Cat Day, Three Roars for the Jaguar

By Carlos Manuel Rodriguez

August 8, 2012
Despite their tumultuous history, jaguars and humans are learning to live together in Costa Rica.
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Groundbreaking trust fund helps keep nature alive in Guyana

By Dr. David Singh

August 2, 2012
With 85 percent of its forest intact, Guyana is leading the way for developing countries seeking green growth.
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Neil Palmer/CIAT for Center for International Forestry Research/Flickr Creative Commons

Planting Trees + Creating Jobs in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

By Dr. Beto Mesquita

June 14, 2012
Seven out of 10 of Brazil’s biggest cities depend on this forest for water and electricity.
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Fate of Vietnam’s Gibbons Hangs in the Balance

By Dr. Ben Rawson

May 21, 2012
A new assessment reveals that the country’s gibbon populations may soon be lost forever.
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New Amphibian Captive Breeding Center Opens in Madagascar

By Nirhy Rabibisoa

January 13, 2012
One-quarter of Madagascar’s amphibians are threatened with extinction. This breeding facility will help these species fight back.
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