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Top 100 research questions for biodiversity conservation in Southeast Asia

J.L. Coleman, J.S. Ascher, D. Bickford, D. Buchori, A. Cabanban, R.A. Chisholm, K.Y. Chong, P. Christie, G.R. Clements, T.E.E. dela Cruz, W. Dressler, D.P. Edwards, C.M. Francis, D.A. Friess, X. Giam, L. Gibson, D. Huang, A.C. Hughes, Z. Jaafar, A. Jain, L.P. Koh, E.P. Kudavidanage, B.P.Y.-H. Lee, J. Lee, T.M. Lee, M. Leggett, B. Leimona, M. Linkie, M. Luskin, A. Lynam, E. Meijaard, V. Nijman, A. Olsson, S. Page, P. Parolin, K.S.-H. Peh, M.R. Posa, G.W. Prescott, S.A. Rahman, S.J. Ramchunder, M. Rao, J. Reed, D.R. Richards, E.M. Slade, R. Steinmetz, P.Y. Tan, D. Taylor, P.A. Todd, S.T. Vo, E.L. Webb, A.D. Ziegler, L.R. Carrasco

Biological Conservation, 234, 211-220

June 01, 2019

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Coleman, J. L., Ascher, J. S., Bickford, D., Buchori, D., Cabanban, A., Chisholm, R. A., … dela Cruz, T. E. E. (2019). Top 100 research questions for biodiversity conservation in Southeast Asia. Biological Conservation, 234, 211–220. doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2019.03.028