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Population status, connectivity, and conservation action for the endangered Baird's tapir

Cody J. Schank, Michael V. Cove, Eugenio Y. Arima, Laroy S.E. Brandt, Esteban Brenes-Mora, Andrew Carver, Angelica Diaz-Pulido, Nereyda Estrada, Rebecca J. Foster, Oscar Godínez-Gómez, Bart J. Harmsen, Christopher A. Jordan, Timothy H. Keitt, Marcella J. Kelly, Joel Sáenz Méndez, Eduardo Mendoza, Ninon Meyer, Gilberto Pozo Montuy, Eduardo J. Naranjo, Clayton K. Nielsen, Georgina O'Farrill, Rafael Reyna-Hurtado, Marina Rivero, José Pablo Carvajal Sánchez, Maggie Singleton, J. Antonio de la Torre, Margot A. Wood, Kenneth R. Young, Jennifer A. Miller

Biological Conservation, 245, 108501

May 01, 2020

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Schank, C. J., Cove, M. V., Arima, E. Y., Brandt, L. S. E., Brenes-Mora, E., Carver, A., … Miller, J. A. (2020). Population status, connectivity, and conservation action for the endangered Baird’s tapir. Biological Conservation, 245, 108501. doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2020.108501