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The Moore Center for Science at Conservation International is one of the world’s premier conservation research institutes, producing and applying groundbreaking and policy-relevant research to help decision-makers protect nature. To date, Conservation International has published more than 1,100 peer-reviewed articles, many in leading journals including Science, Nature and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

On average, each of our scientific papers is cited more than 45 times by other scholars — a rate exceeding that of any other U.S. conservation organization as well as leading universities.

Here is an archive of our most recent research.

Jurisdictional Initiatives Can Catalyze Holistic Fisheries Improvement

Pablo Obregon

Future Fisheries Management Issue Brief Series

October 19, 2023

Overfishing is a significant threat to ocean ecosystems, particularly to global fish populations and to the millions of human livelihoods that depend on them. Policy- and market-based schemes are among the main solutions that have been deployed to combat unsustainable fishing. While both approaches have proved effective at transitioning certain fisheries toward improved sustainability, there is a critical need to accelerate and scale the current improvement efforts. To date, these two approaches have mostly been siloed, and they have not always addressed the critical systemic issues that affect the long-term sustainability of fisheries, such as harmful fishing subsidies. Jurisdictional initiatives are a promising new approach that may help to accelerate the adoption of fishery reforms by linking policy-and market-based strategies to drive holistic fisheries improvements.

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Obregon, Pablo, Jurisdictional Initiatives Can Catalyze Holistic Fisheries Improvement (October 2023). Future Fisheries Management Issue Brief Series, Available at SSRN: or