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Geographic and taxonomic patterns of extinction risk in Australian squamates

Reid Tingley, Stewart L. Macdonald, Nicola J. Mitchell, John C.Z. Woinarski, Shai Meiri, Phil Bowles, Neil A. Cox, Glenn M. Shea, Monika Böhm, Janice Chanson, Marcelo F. Tognelli, Jaclyn Harris, Claire Walke, Natasha Harrison, Savannah Victor, Calum Woods, Andrew P. Amey, Mike Bamford, Gareth Catt, Nick Clemann, Patrick J. Couper, Hal Cogger, Mark Cowan, Michael D. Craig, Chris R. Dickman, Paul Doughty, Ryan Ellis, Aaron Fenner, Stewart Ford, Glen Gaikhorst, Graeme R. Gillespie, Matthew J. Greenlees, Rod Hobson, Conrad J. Hoskin, Ric How, Mark N. Hutchinson, Ray Lloyd, Peter McDonald, Jane Melville, Damian R. Michael, Craig Moritz, Paul M. Oliver, Garry Peterson, Peter Robertson, Chris Sanderson, Ruchira Somaweera, Roy Teale, Leonie Valentine, Eric Vanderduys, Melanie Venz, Erik Wapstra, Steve Wilson, David G. Chapple

Biological Conservation, 238, 108203

October 01, 2019

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Tingley, R., Macdonald, S. L., Mitchell, N. J., Woinarski, J. C. Z., Meiri, S., Bowles, P., … Chanson, J. (2019). Geographic and taxonomic patterns of extinction risk in Australian squamates. Biological Conservation, 238, 108203. doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2019.108203