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Extreme weather, plastic buildings, reef protection: 3 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

August 31, 2020
In case you missed it: Extreme weather events fueled by climate breakdown are wreaking havoc across the United States, using plastic waste to create construction materials could curb global plastic pollution and the world’s largest coral reef system could receive a lifeline from the Australian...
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Indigenous leader killed, submerged cities, gorilla victory, California wildfires: 4 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

November 4, 2019
In case you missed it: An indigenous leader was killed by illegal loggers, new research shows that rising sea levels could submerge several major cities by 2050, gorilla populations are on the rise and the California wildfires are fueled by climate change.
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As climate warms, Ecuador fights fires with forecasts

By Olivia DeSmit

May 22, 2019
An innovative tool combines weather forecasts with fire-tracking systems to create a "fire-weather forecast."
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