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In an undisturbed cave, expedition finds ‘microbats’ once thought lost

By Will McCarry

October 30, 2023
Pacific sheath-tailed bats are vanishing across Oceania. But recently, an expedition on one of Fiji’s least visited islands made a remarkable discovery: A cave containing thousands of Pacific sheath-tailed bats.
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‘Small rock’ making big ocean conservation impact

By Max Marcovitch

September 25, 2023
The small South Pacific island nation of Niue recently launched a first-of-its-kind sustainable funding initiative that enables anyone to sponsor a square kilometer of its ocean waters — a sanctuary for humpback whales, sea snakes and gray reef sharks.
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© John Slaney. Sunset in Vanuatu.

From tiny nation, a ‘hallmark moment’ for climate justice

By Mary Kate McCoy

April 6, 2023
A small Pacific island nation is behind a landmark U.N. resolution that could hold carbon-polluting countries to account for failing to act on climate change. Conservation News explains what the resolution means and how it could advance climate justice.
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Shifting tuna populations could trigger ‘climate justice issue’: study

By Kiley Price

July 29, 2021
Ocean warming will alter the habitats of tuna, which could have catastrophic economic consequences for Pacific Island nations and territories, according to a new study.
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Mostly all Bigeye Tuna with some Skipjack mixed in.
© Fabien Forget/ISSF

Pacific islands face hardships as tuna follow warming waters

By Olivia DeSmit

July 1, 2019
Human Nature spoke with a tuna expert about the powerful ways climate change will affect tuna populations.
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