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It’s about TIME: Conservationist recognized as climate leader

By Mary Kate McCoy

November 16, 2023
TIME has named Conservation International CEO M. Sanjayan to its inaugural list of the 100 most influential people driving climate action in business.
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Can shrimp farming restore mangroves? This scientist is making it happen

By Will McCarry

October 17, 2023
Aquaculture — a fancy term for farming fish and other aquatic animals — has been criticized for years. But one scientist wants you to know that it could be essential to feeding the planet, fighting climate change, protecting marine life and supporting small farmers — if done right.
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© Flavio Forner. Protected area in the Brazilian Amazon

Study: Protected forests are a climate powerhouse

By Mary Kate McCoy

June 1, 2023
Protected forests keep significantly more climate-warming carbon out of the atmosphere than unprotected forests, according to a new study. The research illustrates just how important protected areas are in the fight to curb climate change.
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© Consrevation International/photo by Koulang Chey

New ‘Changing Planet’ season highlights progress, hope amid climate crisis

By Mary Kate McCoy

April 26, 2023
Conservation International CEO M. Sanjayan embarks on the second year of an ambitious global journey for the PBS series “Changing Planet,” which explores how six of the world’s most iconic biomes — from Africa’s savannas to the icecaps of the Arctic — are adapting to climate change.
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© Justin Kern/Flickr Creative Commons

5 experts share how hope fuels their work

By Vanessa Bauza

April 20, 2023
Yes, it’s easy to feel despondent. The planet is overheating and nature is declining at unprecedented rates. But environmental chaos is not inevitable. Conservation International experts share why they have hope for our Earth — and why you should, too.
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