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Bird-watchers spot illegal hunting in China

By Morgan Lynch

July 19, 2018
When the spoon-billed sandpiper started to disappear, bird-watching groups in China decided they needed to do something about illegal hunting.
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What on Earth is a ‘conservation agreement’?

By Cassandra Kane

February 20, 2018
Here, we break down “conservation agreements,” an approach that helps conserve biodiversity while improving the quality of life for local communities.
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In South America, are the tides turning against illegal fishing?

By Morgan Lynch

January 5, 2018
A Conservation International scientist explains how the Ecuadorean government handled a case of illegal fishing.
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In case you missed it: 3 recent ‘gifts’ to the environment

By Morgan Lynch

December 22, 2017
Organizations and countries give back to the environment this holiday season.
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Fish or hydropower? New research eases choices in one of world’s most important rivers

By Morgan Lynch

December 15, 2017
CI scientist’s research finds harmony between fish and hydropower.
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