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New protected area in Amazon announced

By Bruno Vander Velde

June 4, 2019
Recently, the Bolivian government established the Bajo Madidi Municipal Conservation and Management Area.
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Protected areas see recent rise in legal rollbacks: study

By Olivia DeSmit

May 31, 2019
New study: Rollbacks of legal protections to protected areas are on the rise.
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As climate warms, Ecuador fights fires with forecasts

By Olivia DeSmit

May 22, 2019
An innovative tool combines weather forecasts with fire-tracking systems to create a "fire-weather forecast."
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Voices of the Alto Mayo: Women in charge

By María Hernández

April 3, 2018
María Hernández describes her life in the Alto Mayo and how it has changed since she and her sister, Maximila, signed a conservation agreement.
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Áreas desmatadas ilegalmente na Amazônia estão forçando a redução de áreas protegidas, diz estudo

By Sophie Bertazzo

February 20, 2018
Human Nature, conversou com os dois autores do estudo, cientistas da Conservação Internacional, Rodrigo Medeiros e Mike Mascia. Aqui, eles explicam a dinâmica que levou à perda generalizada das áreas protegidas de Rondônia durante a última década.
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