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Ecology and economics for pandemic prevention

Andrew P. Dobson, Stuart L. Pimm, Lee Hannah, Les Kaufman, Jorge A. Ahumada, Amy W. Ando, Aaron Bernstein, Jonah Busch, Peter Daszak, Jens Engelmann, Margaret F. Kinnaird, Binbin V. Li, Ted Loch-Temzelides, Thomas Lovejoy, Katarzyna Nowak, Patrick R. Roehrdanz, Mariana M. Vale, Dobson, Andrew P, Pimm, Stuart L, Hannah, Lee, Kaufman, Les, Ahumada, Jorge A, Ando, Amy W, Bernstein, Aaron, Busch, Jonah, Daszak, Peter, Engelmann, Jens, Kinnaird, Margaret F, Li, Binbin V, Loch-Temzelides, Ted, Lovejoy, Thomas, Nowak, Katarzyna, Roehrdanz, Patrick R, Vale, Mariana M


July 24, 2020

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