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2021 in review: Turning the tide for our world’s oceans

By Will McCarry

December 27, 2021
Nature saw ups and downs in 2021, and Conservation News was there for it all. From deep-sea discoveries to new ways of protecting carbon-rich coastal ecosystems, here are some of our top read articles of the year.
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In fishing industry, women face hidden hardships: study

By Kiley Price

April 29, 2021
According to a recent study, women are facing hidden hardships throughout seafood supply chains around the world.
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2019 in review: Charting course for a healthier ocean

By Kiley Price

December 31, 2019
This month, Conservation News is revisiting some of the most interesting and significant stories and issues we covered in 2019.
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New book chronicles a lawless ocean

By Kiley Price

October 31, 2019
In a recent conversation with Conservation International CEO M. Sanjayan, investigative journalist Ian Urbina discusses his new book, which covers slavery, overfishing and human trafficking on the high seas.
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Your end-of-summer watchlist: nature edition

By Kiley Price

August 15, 2019
Conservation International staff share their favorite nature shows and documentaries to watch this summer.
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