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Postcard from the Pacific: In new film, ocean is the star

By Morgan Lynch

May 28, 2018
A new film showcases the relationship that the people of New Caledonia have with nature.
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Behind an island landslide, a degraded forest

By Jean-Christophe Lefeuvre

March 14, 2017
New Caledonia experienced one of the worst floods in human memory. The role of ecosystem degradation and forest loss must not be overlooked.
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This Job Training Is Better than Yours: Learning Dive Safety in New Caledonia

By Mael Imirizaldu

March 25, 2015
By certifying more divers on this Pacific island, we’re helping local people build skills that could benefit both them and the ocean.
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Indigenous Knowledge Could Help Rescue New Caledonia’s ‘Millennium Trees’

By François Tron

June 23, 2014
The Mount Panié kauri is disappearing, posing a major threat to the ecosystems and culture tied to it.
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New Caledonia Establishes World’s Largest Marine Park

By Molly Bergen

May 1, 2014
Conservation International New Caledonia’s director explains why this is a milestone for ocean conservation.
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