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News, views and features from the front lines of conservation

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In protecting their forests, these women transformed their futures

By Olivia DeSmit

March 6, 2019
For International Women's Day, we are celebrating the women of the Roro tribe in Papua New Guinea.
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To see conservation success, we need to look through a ‘gender lens’

By Sophie Bertazzo

June 20, 2017
Integrating gender into conservation projects is a key component of success. To help ensure this happens, CI recently piloted field-based gender workshops in Fiji, Samoa and Ecuador.
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How climate change affects women differently — and what we can do about it

By Cassandra Kane

December 7, 2015
In rural communities around the world, women experience and respond to climate change in different ways than men — a fact often overlooked in climate policy.
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In the Colombian Amazon, Men and Women Share Conservation Benefits

By Erwin Palacios

March 27, 2015
The latest post in our “Gender + Conservation” blog series.
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Lobsters, Conflict and the ‘Invisible’ Work of Women in Coastal Ecuador

By Montse Alban

December 10, 2014
The latest blog in our “Gender + Conservation” series comes from Ecuador’s Galera-San Francisco Marine Reserve.
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