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Climate action, humanity’s footprint, landmark forest support: 3 stories you may have missed

By Kiley Price

December 15, 2020
In case you missed it: A climate expert shares three steps to slow climate change, the production of manufactured materials is outpacing the growth of living things on Earth, and more than one million people voiced their support for the European Union to enact a law that would limit deforestation...
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EU bid to halt imported deforestation ‘moot without investment’

By Sophie Bertazzo

July 23, 2019
In a new communication, the European Union announced steps it will take to promote global reforestation efforts and end deforestation related to EU imports of agricultural commodities.
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Figueres to European leaders: Climate action requires protecting forests

By Cecile Schneider

September 20, 2017
Speaking before an audience of EU officials in Brussels, Christiana Figueres addressed the environmental footprint of products consumed by Europeans but produced elsewhere.
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Climate action requires halting Europe’s unseen import: deforestation

By Jean-Philippe Palasi

September 20, 2015
The EU is missing a critical element in its climate plan: tackling emissions it generates outside its borders.
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