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Alto Mayo Protected Forest
© Adrián Portugal

When protecting nature helps build peace

By Vanessa Bauza

May 25, 2023
As climate change accelerates, there's a growing sense of urgency to address how changes to our ecosystems can lead to conflict. For years, Conservation International has worked to bring environmental peacebuilding and conflict sensitivity to its work.
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Herd of elephants and zebras in Kenya
© M. Sanjayan

Ivory investigator killed in Kenya

By Morgan Lynch

February 5, 2018
An ivory investigator was found dead in his home in Kenya on Sunday.
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© AlCortés/Flickr Creative Commons

As Colombia pursues peace, nature could be powerful bridge

By Molly Bergen

September 30, 2016
One of the country’s greatest assets offers a powerful route toward reconciliation.
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© Conservation International/photo by Haroldo Castro

From machetes to maps: How a ‘red line’ eased conflict in Bolivia’s Amazon

By Candido Pastor

August 19, 2016
After years of dispute, competing land users found common ground through a map they drew together.
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Why aren’t we doing more to protect wildlife rangers?

By Sophie Bertazzo

June 3, 2016
Keith Roberts is running an ultra-marathon through the Amazon to raise awareness about rangers’ crucial role fighting wildlife trafficking.
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