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We Can Make a Difference
EditPhoto Description:Dr. M. Sanjayan, Chief Executive Officer
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    I am thrilled you want to join me in protecting our shared planet. At Conservation International, we believe that people need nature, so we are working tirelessly to bring together science and policies, communities and partners to protect the nature that we all need to thrive. I hope you will join us.

    Best, Sanjayan
    ​​Global conservation scientist, writer, and Emmy-nominated news contributor​​ (Full Bio)

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    ​​​​​​​​​Engage with me on Twitter​​​

    ​​​​​​​​​Read my favorite blogs​


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    EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_26840549.jpg
    EditImage Alt Text:Woman rowing boat
    EditCaption Title:In Cambodian floating villages, a bold voice helps women boost income
    EditCaption Description:"For approximately 1 million people, the floating villages in the middle of Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake have everything they need — not just their homes, but also floating gas stations, schools, gardens, even pigsties. The lake is the fourth-most productive inland fishery in the world, providing more than one-third of all the protein eaten by Cambodia’s 15 million people. It is no surprise that these fish — and the flooded forests where the fish live — support the livelihoods of almost everyone who lives on or around the lake."
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    EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/Cardomom_Forest_Elephants.png
    EditImage Alt Text:Asian Elephants in the Cardamom Forest, Cambodia
    EditCaption Title:Elephants with a trust fund? Endowment to protect future of a ‘magical’ forest
    EditCaption Description:"When I first visited southwest Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains back in 2003, we drove all day on dirt roads and crossed rivers on precarious ferries made of several boats lashed together. The forest overhung the road; wild animals scurried for cover as we drove past..."
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    EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_54285319.jpg
    EditImage Alt Text:Yasuní Camera trapping photos. This short ear dog is a rare species and very difficult to observe in the wild.
    EditCaption Title:Protected areas DO save wildlife: Just ask these 5 species
    EditCaption Description:"As public awareness about the plight of the world’s tropical forests has risen in recent decades, rainforests have become a frequent symbol of destruction and loss. But there’s good news: New data collected by more than 1,000 camera traps across the tropics — and published today in the journal PLOS Biology — paints a more nuanced picture for the future of wildlife in these forests..."
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    EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_92773598.jpg
    EditImage Alt Text:Woman harvests crops in Tanzania, the site of a Conservation International project.
    EditCaption Title:To help African farmers, making big data fit in their pockets
    EditCaption Description:"As the use of mobile technology in Africa continues to skyrocket, it’s changing more than how people communicate — it’s also changing how they grow their food. In a recent special edition of Foreign Affairs magazine, Conservation International’s (CI) Sandy Andelman and Peter Seligmann write that improving access to ecosystem data can help farmers adapt to climate change. One program that is striving to do this, Vital Signs, is already helping national governments in Africa improve development decisions — but reaching individual farmers is a tougher challenge."
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    EditImage Alt Text:Night falls over Rio de Janeiro. © Nikada
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    EditTitle:Science and Innovation
    EditImage Alt Text:Scientists set a camera trap. © Benjamin Drummond
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    EditTitle:The Ocean
    EditImage Alt Text:Coral reef in Viti Levu, Fiji, Oceania. © William Crosse
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