The Paramacca Resort in South Suriname

In September 2013, the CI-Suriname team visited the Paramacca Area in the district of Sipaliwini in the East of Suriname. CI-Suriname had talks with the District Commissioner, Mr. Boejoekoe, about the damage caused by illegal small-scale gold mining.

One of the examples the District Commissioner mentioned, was the pollution of water, which causes several health problems for the local people. During the tour through the area, the District Commissioner expressed his serious concerns about the condition of the whole district now, but most of all, in the future.

CI-Suriname is working on the creation of the South Suriname corridor. This will aid in preserving the purest nature our world possesses and by doing so, will prevent damages like the ones the Paramacca Area faces right now. By supporting local communities as well as the central government, CI-Suriname hopes to help find a balance between development and preserving nature.