Bioprospecting, Asindopo, Suriname, January 1996



National level



Nature protection has transformed into a vision of nature management where there is place for nature, people and sustainable coexistence of activities.


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Climate Change

Building with nature (a technique introduced and successfully implemented in Indonesia by Wetlands International) is a successful example of climate change adaptation. 


Colorful poison-dart frogs are among the most spectacular of South America's biodiversity.
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Wildlife program

Ensuring that forests remain healthy includes ensuring that the wildlife that lives within them thrives.



Geographical level

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Sustainable Oceanscape Suriname

Working toward sustainable development in Suriname's coastal and marine areas


Boy wades through river
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Community Conservation Program

Climate Smart Management and production


Sipaliwini District, Upper Palumeu
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TWTIS (former SSCC)

Conserving 7.2 million hectares of pristine tropical forest and fresh water resources



Our local funding program

Friends of Green Suriname

The Friends of green Suriname are prominent Surinamese companies who protect the nature of Suriname. With the use of their network and financial resources they want to bridge the gap between Conservation International Suriname and the society.