Celebrating Central Suriname Nature Reserve

In 1998 the Surinamese Government underpinned the notion that the wellbeing and welfare of the country and the world are highly dependent on nature conservation. That᾿s why, on July 31st of 1998, three pre-existing nature reserves were combined to form the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. The reserve takes up 9.7% of Suriname territory and stretches over 3.933.918 acres of land. The tropical rainforest and water reserves within this vast area are protected against human influences and their consequences.

On July 31st 2013, 15 years later, Conservation International paid homage to the reserve they helped establish in 1998. A small party held at the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Land and Forestry Management was attended by - amongst others - the Minister of Spatial Planning, Land and Forestry Management, Mr. Steven Relyveld, several government staff members, the Executive Director of Conservation International, Mr. John Goedschalk, and the press.

Guests were surprised by the specially designed cake, which CI presented to Minister Steven Relyveld. CI Suriname also extended congratulations to Surinamese society through an ad in the newspapers, stressing the importance of nature with quotes of influential environmental stakeholders in the country, like the President of the Republic of Suriname, the former President Jules Wijdenbosch who initiated the CSNR, and environmental policymakers.