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Pretty little flowers give more than you might think — food, medicine and inspiration.​​ In fact, 1 in 3 mouthfuls of food is made possible by natural pollinators —​​​ and f​lowers.​​

Inspiring communities to protect nature

Conservation International has worked in the Philippines since 1995, to help protect nature — from forests to mangroves to oceans — and the benefits it provides to Filipinos. Through training and education, we empower Filipino communities to sustainably manage their resources and cherish the benefits that nature provides — down to the tiniest flower.



Binabalewala ng tao ang kapangyarihan ng isang munting bulaklak. 

Bulaklak: Angel Aquino


Nature Is Speaking

Nature has a voice, and it is telling us it’s time to act.

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There is much to protect in the Philippines. Learn about our work, and how people need nature to thrive.

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