Forests provide food, livelihoods ​— even the air we breathe. However, more than half of the Philip​pines’ forest have been lost. We must protect what’s left — for our sake, and our children’s.

Protecting the trees that secure our future

Conservation International works in close collaboration with local community members — improving their quality of life through incentivizing them to care for their forests, and training them to restore damaged land — so trees can continue to stand. Our work together with the government and partners has resulted in the declaration of Mount Mantalingahan as a protected landscape. Now, we seek to protect this forest — forever.



Humihinga sila, gumagawa ako ng hangin. Naisip kaya nila yon? 

Kagubatan: Noel Cabangon


Nature Is Speaking

Nature has a voice, and it is telling us it’s time to act.

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There is much to protect in the Philippines. Learn about our work, and how people need nature to thrive.

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