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      The ocean produces half o​f the oxygen we breathe.​​ It fe​​eds the country, and provides jobs for over 1.8 million Filipinos.​ ​To support life, we must keep the oceans safe.​​​​​

      Fueling the engine of life

      Conservation International protects oceans and seas, and the Filipinos who depend upon them, through working with governments and local communities. We work to establish and expand marine protected areas alongside our partners, and provide the resources for local people to improve their fishing practices — to allow the ocean to sustain.



      Minsan ko nang nilunod ang buong daigdig. At maaari ko itong lunurin muli. 

      Karagatan: John Lloyd​ Cruz


      Nature Is Speaking

      Nature has a voice, and it is telling us it’s time to act.

      © Alex Sher


      There is much to protect in the Philippines. Learn about our work, and how people need nature to thrive.

      © Robb Kendrick/Aurora Photos

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