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      The Philippines is Home — with a population of 100 million and counting.​​​​ How we treat our home will determine whether or not ​​we thrive.​​

      Protecting our home — so our home can continue to protect us

      In the Philippines, Conservation International works to protect the one home we have through science, innovation and fieldwork. We research and understand the value of nature, and find effective methods to protect our home, for now and into the future.



      Kung ako’y inyong pababayaan, hindi ko kayo maaalagaan. 

      Tahanan: Jaclyn Jose


      Nature Is Speaking

      Nature has a voice, and it is telling us it’s time to act.

      © Pete Oxford/iLCP


      There is much to protect in the Philippines. Learn about our work, and how people need nature to thrive.

      © CI/Lynn Tang

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