Protecting the nature we all rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods

Where We Work

South Africa is our office. Join us in protecting the most valuable places in South Africa.

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Our staff of scientists, project managers and policy experts explore, develop, and fund innovative projects that protect the land that provides vital benefits to South Africa. Our field work includes expeditions to these three unique hotspots that are the strongholds of biodiversity, and helps local communities protect these natural habitats that support their livelihoods.

CSA is committed to working within three biodiversity hotspots located at the southernmost tip of South Africa, namely the Cape Floral Kingdom, the Succulent Karoo and the Maputaland Pondoland Albany hotspots. Together these three hotspots contain more than 20 000 plant species, half of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

Many of these species also hold economic potential for the horticultural, cut flower, food and medicinal markets. These regions are home to charismatic species such as lion, leopards, elephants, black rhino, white rhino, giraffe, caracal and mountain zebra. As their habitats shrink, due to mining, agricultural expansion and unsustainable development, these species are being put at risk of extinction.

The conservation of South Africa’s hotspots is vital not only for the inherent value of their species and natural areas, but because of the benefits they bring through sustainable resource use to our country’s political, social and economic stability. For these reasons all of CSA’s work is completely focused within these three critically important biodiversity hotspots.