Protecting the nature we all rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods

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Profitable livelihoods can be hard to find in the beautiful Lelietontein, South Africa. But working with Conservation South Africa (CSA), Vera Englebrecht has established herself as a leader, a female entrepreneur and an inspiration to others. She has established a Kookskerm where tourists can experience traditional food and accommodation while visiting Namaqualand, South Africa. Vera's Kookskerm is one of the first projects forming part of the community-based adaption programme. Vera builds her traditional accommodation and kitchen from plants that grow in and around the wetlands, harvesting sustainably to protect the environment that provides. This business brings jobs and wealth to her community, while preserving and working with the natural landscape. Demonstrating once again that people need nature to thrive. | Follow CI on Twitter: Follow CI on Facebook: