Protecting the nature we all rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods

Building resilience to climate change

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Goal: By 2020 government and donors have integrated ecological approaches into their strategies for responding to climate change, and Conservation South Africa has supported the maintenance and restoration of ecosystem services, particularly water catchments and habitat linkages for optimal flora and faunal persistence, by working with private and communal land stewards in three mega corridors.

Conservation South Africa is working on the ground to promote conservation stewardship in three mega corridors, by encouraging land users to protect ecosystems required for resilience to climate change. This is done by enabling and motivating land users to either set aside portions of their land for conservation or to use their land sustainably. By working within a few critical areas the result has been reduced vulnerability for entire communities.

Climate change is one of the greatest environmental issues of our time. Without decisive action climate change will cause extinction of countless species, destroy some of the world’s most precious ecosystems and devastate human livelihoods.

We, therefore, need to act quickly and take advantage of existing solutions to prevent irreversible damage to our planet.

Natural ecosystems provide significant opportunities to cut emissions dramatically and to preserve the adaptive potential of our biosphere. Through our nature-based approach, Conservation South Africa is demonstrating the important role that these ecosystems can play in mitigating and adapting to climate change impacts.

In response to the enormous challenge that climate change poses for South Africa, its people and its biodiversity, we are rolling out a number of climate change initiatives.


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The Namaqualand Green Economy Demonstration (NGED)

The vision of the NGED is to establish a biodiversity corridor of 387,000 ha of land that will have a matrix of sustainable land uses and will enable continued ecosystem functioning at a landscape level.


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Climate Action Partnership

Climate Action Partnership (initiated by Conservation South Africa) is an alliance between eight of the country’s largest biodiversity conservation NGOs.