Transformative Public and Private Partnerships for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation through the Protection of Mangroves and Wetlands Along Ecuador's Coast

Objectives of full project: Increase the adaptive capacity and resilience of coastal communities and the relevant economic sectors across Ecuador’s coastal zone through integrated management and restoration that increases the area, ecosystem health, and sustainable use of mangroves. Mitigate as many as 15 million tons of CO2eq over five years through avoided emissions and direct sequestration.

Country: Ecuador

Results Area(s): Forestry and land use; Most vulnerable people and communities; Health and well-being, and food and water security; Ecosystems and ecosystem services

Status: PPF completed

PPF Project Start Date: May 10, 2019

PPF Project End Date: May 9, 2021

GCF PPF Financing: US$ 277,172

Contact​ Information: Steven Panfil

A collection of mangrove trees near the coast of Ecuador.
© Lucas Bustamante

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