About the CI-GCF Agency


The CI-GCF Project Agency at Conservation International mobilizes and leverages Green Climate Fund (GCF) resources to support national governments, local communities, and key partners to employ nature-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

In July 2015, Conservation International became the first international NGO to be approved as a Green Climate Fund (GCF) Accredited Entity, with the ability to implement GCF projects globally. In July 2017, CI and the GCF signed an Accreditation Master Agreement (AMA). In August 2022, CI was reaccredited by the GCF.

With this accreditation, CI through the CI-GCF Agency works directly with national governments and partners around the world to identify and design effective climate change projects. We also oversee project management and implementation, ensuring that projects meet high technical and financial standards, are gender-responsive, and comply fully with the GCF’s environmental and social safeguards.

Our strategy

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Conservation International is committed to working with governments and engaging with diverse sectors of society to achieve our goal of improved human well-being. We focus on harnessing the full potential of nature to mitigate climate change and to help people adapt to its impacts through the protection, restoration, and sustainable management of critical ecosystems.

The CI-GCF Agency leverages CI's experience in innovative finance, cutting-edge science, effective community-based solutions, and our network of dedicated partners to implement effective programs that deliver a transformational shift towards low-emission and climate-resilient development.

What we fund

Conservation International is accredited to implement projects through grant funding at an international level up to medium size (<$250 million) and up to environmental and social risk Category B (medium risk).

The CI-GCF Agency focuses on projects in four strategic results areas to best leverage the synergies between Conservation International and the GCF in support of countries' efforts to address climate change:


Forestry and land use
Most-vulnerable people and communities
Health, well-being, food & water security
Ecosystems & ecosystem services


Work with Us

The CI-GCF Agency welcomes opportunities to develop GCF projects with diverse partners, including the private sector, government agencies, civil society, and community-based organizations. If your organization has developed a climate change proposal idea and would like to work with the CI-GCF Agency, please contact us.

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