Ecosystem-Based Adaptation and Mitigation in Botswana’s Communal Rangelands

Objectives: Improve adaptive capacity of vulnerable households and maximize land and livestock mitigation contributions to emissions reductions in Botswana through climate-responsive planning and management, rangeland rehabilitation, climate impact monitoring, improved market access, institution building, and policy transformation.

GCF Project Number: 0158

Country: Botswana

Results Areas: Forestry and land use; Most vulnerable people and communities; Ecosystems and ecosystem services

Status: Funding Proposal approved

Project approval date: March 2021

PPF Project Dates May 15 2019 - March 14, 2021

GCF PPF Financing: US$ 365,316

Project Executing Entity: Conservation International Botswana

Project GCF Funding: US$ 36.8 million

Project Co-Financing: US$60.9 million

Contact​ Information: Robert Merritt

Project Website: GCF project page

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