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View of the Hong Kong skyline
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Hong Kong


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  • We promote healthy lands and seas in 12 countries in the region: Cambodia, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, and Timor Leste


Elephants under tree, Tanzania  
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  • We are a global organization, with offices in more than 30 countries, and with projects and investments in many more.


Flagship initiatives in Hong Kong

Tony Leung is “Ice”
© Conservation International

Nature Is Speaking: Hong Kong Is Listening

Nature Is Speaking: Hong Kong Is Listening is our flagship public awareness film campaign, in which celebrities give a voice to nature. The simple and powerful message? “Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.” Watch and share the films, then take one simple action to show that Hong Kong is Listening.


CSR Asia Partnership

Conservation International is partnering with CSR Asia to identify the most critical ways that the most influential corporations in Hong Kong, greater China and Asia Pacific region can help sustain and restore the natural places — forests, oceans, rivers, lakes and more — that their businesses and communities most depend upon for food, fresh water, climate stability and livelihoods.


CI and CIS: Environmental Heroes

Conservation International x Chinese International School: Environmental Heroes Leadership Programme

Conservation International Hong Kong’s inaugural Heroes Programme is training 12 cream-of-the-crop students from the Chinese International School to be high impact “change agents.” The curriculum focuses on conservation and behavioral psychology, green marketing, sustainable design principles, and “lean start-up” tactics, culminating in a showcase event for the Heroes to present their proposed solution to a major environmental or social issue to a panel of experts.


Glacier National Park in Montana
© CI/photo by Robyn Dalzen

Nature + Cities: Freshwater Health Index

Conservation International Hong Kong joins Conservation International’s offices in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Panama, and Indonesia in launching Conservation International’s Nature + Cities Initiative, an innovative program focused on advancing the sustainability and long-term prosperity of the world’s mega and other major urban centers. Conservation International Hong Kong’s flagship project within the Nature + Cities Initiative is to serve as a case study for the development of a new tool called the Freshwater Health Index, to assess and monitor the health of the Dongjiang River which supplies 80% of Hong Kong’s freshwater.