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Contributing to China’s Green Belt and Road Initiative

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the largest infrastructure program ever planned, brings both risks and opportunities for sustainable development. To reduce the negative environmental impact of the investment along the BRI countries, China launched the Green Belt and Road initiative, with the BRI International Green Development Coalition (BRIGC) being jointly initiated by Ministry of Ecology and Environment of P.R. China and international partners.

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The main goal of the BRIGC is to promote international consensus, understanding, cooperation and concerted actions to achieve green development of BRI through joint efforts, and to facilitate BRI countries to implement integration of environment and development of the SDGs.

Conservation International joined the BRIGC as one of the international partners leading the thematic partnership on “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management”. Since then, we have been actively taking part in seeking practical solutions to the green development and sustainability of the BRI by working closely with the central government.

As one of the key stakeholders to initiate the International Advisory Group (IAG), CI China advised on strategies to green China’s overseas investment in BRI countries and worked to promote the application of the Ecological Conservation Redlining (ECRL), a spatial planning tool, among BRI countries based on in-depth studies on the tool’s application in China, to protect their critical natural ecosystems.