Explore nature and important environmental issues of our time through engaging videos and activities for students.

Join us from anywhere - a classroom, home or even on the go, as we take you through a learning journey to discover conservation through easy-to-understand examples from Singapore and the region.

Watch the videos within each series and have fun doing the quiz and activities. Guides are included for educators.


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We’re already seeing the effects of climate change. Events such as unpredictable and extreme weather, rising sea levels, biodiversity loss, and lack of access to freshwater all paint a grim picture of our future. But thankfully, the planet is resilient and equipped with the solutions to solve the most pressing problem of our time, if we act now to protect nature. Watch the series here!


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The ocean covers more than 70% of the planet’s surface, but we know so little about it. What we know is that it brings us a wealth of benefits – from being a key source of livelihood to millions to helping us fight climate change. Therefore, protecting the ocean and its rich biodiversity is critical to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for us all. Watch the series here!


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Mangroves are amazing ecosystems that do so much for our planet. They serve as nurseries for young marine life, giving them a safe place to grow. They protect coastal communities from big storms and help stop the land from being washed away. They are also superheroes fighting climate change by storing a lot of carbon. Discover the wonders of these unique ecosystems, understand their importance and learn why we must protect them. Watch the series here!





Meet Jo

Jo, also known as Johora singaporensis, is a Singapore freshwater crab and the star of each virtual learning series. She is unique to Singapore and found nowhere else in the world. At just 3 cm in size, she's no bigger than your thumb! Sadly, she is critically endangered and considered to be among the 100 most threatened species worldwide. Crabs like Jo live in freshwater streams in our forests and love to hide under rocks or leaves.

Join Jo to explore various environmental issues and learn how you can be part of a more sustainable future.