The Samoan landscape

A place of tremendous natural beauty located in the heart of the Polynesian archipelago


Samoa has a total land area of 2,842 km², skirted by 1,269 km² of reefs and surrounded by an ocean territory of 129,000 km², 45 times larger than its land area. The nation has an intimate relationship with the surrounding ocean and fertile volcanic soils, which provide food and livelihoods for its people and generations to come. Samoa is a biodiversity hotspot, home to a diverse array of wildlife — including approximately 28% of plants and 84% of land birds that are found only in Samoa.

Unfortunately, Samoa, like much of the rest of the Pacific, suffers from overfishing, climate change impacts and other challenges that affect the country’s natural resources, local livelihoods, and cultural heritage.

In Samoa, Conservation International is focused on a ridge-to-reef and reef-to-ocean approach, whereby both land and marine activities are integrated as they are by their very nature. Conservation International Samoa is fully aligned to implement the Pacific Island Forum Leaders’ Pacific Oceanscape, of which Samoa is part of. We collaborate closely with the Samoan government and local communities to meet these environmental challenges and to help conserve the country’s vital natural resources, for today and for generations to come.