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Europe is driving the global environmental agenda.

Yet Europe — through its consumption and investments — also bears considerable responsibility for climate breakdown and the global loss of biodiversity. Between 1990 and 2008, Europe was the top importer of deforestation around the world, resulting in the cutting down of an expanse of forest the size of Portugal.

In partnership with committed government actors including France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the European Union, Conservation International is driving funding to protect and restore tropical forests that absorb and store critical carbon; increase protection and improve management of oceans; and produce and apply science-based evidence to promote nature-based development.


By the numbers

of global share of deforestation
climate neutrality goal
of global development funding from Europe (GER $25bn, UK $18bn, FR $11bn)


What we do

Conservation International works throughout Europe building partnerships to protect nature, mitigate climate change and promote sustainable development. We do this by engaging the public and private sectors, advocating for ambitious climate action from governments and corporations, and driving innovation in science and finance.


Maximila Hernendez, subscriber of conservation agreements in the Alto Mayo Protected Forest
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Policy engagement

Conservation International is working with European decision-makers to integrate nature-based solutions in national and international policies and to support “green” economic stimulus packages.

We are supporting European decision-makers to design sound policies that address imported deforestation and ecosystem degradation, while connecting with international negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Learn more »


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Industry engagement

Deforestation is responsible for nearly 12 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, half of which are the result of internationally traded commodities. Consumption in Europe of products such as coffee, cacao, palm oil (found in 50 percent of supermarket products) and soy represents around 10 percent of the global share of deforestation.

Conservation International seeks to drive collaboration with and among industry leaders in those commodity sectors, to ensure sustainable and deforestation-free supply chains that benefit nature and people.

Through strategic partnerships with coffee stakeholders in Europe, we actively contribute making coffee the world's first sustainable agricultural product. Learn more »

We are engaging with corporate actors and other partners to build a movement that supports demand for sustainable palm oil in Europe. Learn more »


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Conservation International Statement on the European Union Legislative Proposal to Address Deforestation
November 17, 2021
Conservation International-Europe Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Herbert Lust, released the following statement today in response to new proposed legislation from the European Union (EU) to limit the impacts of deforestation from products on the EU market. The legislation seeks to curb the EU’s contribution to global deforestation and forest degradation by creating new standards for products to reach the European market. Read more »

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