Protecting the nature we all rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods

Livelihoods Carbon Fund 3 (LCF3)


The Livelihoods Carbon Fund 3 (LCF3) will build an innovative and replicable investment-model that will invest in community-based solutions to restore natural ecosystems, and establish agroforestry and regenerative agriculture systems in developing countries that will ultimately reduce GHG emissions, increase carbon sequestration, generate certified carbon offsets to climate-responsible corporates and contribute towards SDGs while delivering a steady and positive financial return to financial investors.

GEF Project ID: 10500

Countries: Global

Focal Area: Multi Focal Area

Approval Date: 6/1/2020

Project Status: Concept Approved

Period: GEF-7

Executing Agency: Livelihoods Ventures

GEF Total Grant: USD $13,461,468

Cofinancing Total: USD $111,031,000

Contact Information: Orissa Samaroo

Project Website: GEF-Secretariat Project Link

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Project Documents

Project Identification Form (PIF) Phase

  • Project Identification Form (PIF) Phase

Project Preparation Grant (PPG) Phase

  • Project Preparation Grant (PPG) Phase


  • Implementation

Project Close-Out

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