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Implementation of the Strategic Plan of Ecuador Mainland Marine and Coastal Protected Areas Network


To substantially improve the conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal biodiversity though an effective coastal and marine protected areas network in mainland Ecuador.

GEF Project ID: 9369

Countries: Ecuador

Focal Area: Multi Focal Area

Approval Date: 3/15/2016

Project Status: Under Implementation

Period: GEF-6

Executing Agency: Undersecretary of Marine and Coastal Management (MAE), CI-Ecuador

GEF Total Grant: USD $5,813,303

Cofinancing Total: USD $29,100,000

Contact Information: Daniela Carrion

Project Website: GEF-Secretariat Project Link | Cuida Playas | Proyecto Red de Áreas Marinas y Costeras Protegidas

Sea lion in the Galapagos 
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Project Documents

Project Identification Form (PIF) Phase

  • Project Identification Form (PIF) Phase

Project Preparation Grant (PPG) Phase

  • Project Preparation Grant (PPF) Phase


  • Implementation

Project Close-Out

  • No documents available

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