Samoa Voyaging Society Signed on to Manaaki Project

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On 25th Nov 2022, Conservation International Oceans Director, Leausalilo Leilani Duffy-Iosefa and the President of Samoa Voyaging Society (SVS), Memea Lyvia Seiuli Black signed a service agreement working in partnership with Conservation International Aotearoa and the New Zealand Government on a project supported through the Manaaki fund “Securing a Polynesian Promise for Climate and Community Resilience in Samoa and Tokelau”. The project will utilise the Gaualofa, Samoa’s traditional voyaging sailing double hull canoe as a platform to deliver experiential “hands – on” activity based environmental education training programme (Guardians) to at least four districts in Samoa targeting year six and seven students from primary schools (10-12yr olds), as well as start planning for delivery of such programming in Tokelau.

Through the Manaaki Fund, Aotearoa New Zealand has provided support to continue the Guardians Programme from previous successful campaigns and the partnership with the Samoa Voyaging Society is crucial in sailing the Gaualofa to the coastal districts creating an experiential activity-based learning environment for the students that is different from the traditional class room setting. The Manaaki Project “Securing a Polynesian Promise for Climate and Community Resilience in Samoa and Tokelau” aims to enhance the ability of Samoan and Tokelauan coastal communities to sustainably use and manage marine resources and improve local resilience to climate change, using education based on scientific evidence, traditional, and contemporary knowledge.

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The “Aiga Folau o Samoa” or Samoa Voyaging Society (SVS) is a Samoa-registered non-profit organisation established in 2009 for the purpose of reviving Samoan cultural traditions related to ocean sailing and navigation as well as the promotion of the wise stewardship of the Pacific Ocean. Our goals are to encourage and develop traditional Polynesian voyaging, navigation and maritime skills among Samoans and other Pacific Islanders, encourage conservation, protection and awareness of the Pacific Ocean and island environments and to undertake open ocean voyages to contribute to the revival of traditions including historical links between islands.

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