Natural Solutions to Climate Change

Climate change is a defining challenge of our time. We are leveraging our nearly 25 years of experience in field conservation, policy engagement and scientific research to demonstrate that protecting ecosystems is an essential part of the world's response to climate change.  Learn more about CI's climate program »

We have outlined our five approaches to identifying the natural solutions to climate change. They are: REDD+, Ecosystem-Based Adaptation, Policy, Climate-Friendly Land Use and Blue Carbon.  Learn more about these specific approaches in the documents below.

Natural Solutions to Climate Change (PDF - 572 KB)

Climate Solution: REDD+ (PDF - 634 KB)

Excerpt: "REDD+ is a suite of policies, institutional reforms and programs that provide developing countries with financial incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to enhance economic growth by preventing the destruction of their forests."
Climate Solution: Ecosystem-based Adaptation (PDF - 577 KB)

Excerpt: "The term “ecosystem-based adaptation” refers to the use of natural systems as a way to buffer the worst impacts of climate change, maintain the resilience of natural ecosystems, their ecosystem services and the species that support them, and help people adapt to changing conditions."
Climate Solution: Policy (PDF - 573 KB)

Excerpt: "We seek a global climate agreement, international, national, and local climate policies that recognize the fundamental role of natural ecosystems in regulating the climate and in providing resilience to global change."
Climate Solution: Climate-friendly Land Use (PDF - 611 KB)

Excerpt: "Climate-friendly land use comprises a suite of sustainable production and landscape management practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and allow carbon to be maintained in forests, other vegetation, pastures and soils."
Climate Solution: Blue Carbon (PDF - 554 KB)

Excerpt: "Blue carbon is the carbon stored by coastal and marine ecosystems. Mangroves, seagrasses, and salt marshes store carbon both in the plants and in the sediment immediately beneath them."

Download 'Natural Solutions to Climate Change' with all the above inserts included (PDF - 1.86 MB)


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