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EditPhoto URL:/sitecollectionimages/ci_22085043.jpg
EditPhoto Title:Conservation International
EditPhoto Description:Protecting the nature we all rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods.
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EditPhoto Alt Text:A young Ethiopian boy holds his fresh catch on the shores of Lake Langano, Ethiopia.
EditPhoto Credit:© Michael Hanson/Aurora Photos


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EditPhoto URL:/SiteCollectionImages/AR_Online_Carousel_2.jpg
EditPhoto Title:"We have never been stronger"
EditPhoto Description:2015 was a year of tremendous momentum and outstanding achievements
EditButton Caption:Read the 2015 Annual Report
EditButton Link:/about/Pages/2015-Annual-Report.aspx
EditPhoto Alt Text:Nolsita Siyang, a forest ranger who regularly patrols the protected area surrounding her village on the island of Palawan, Philippines.
EditPhoto Credit:© BIHAIBO


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Edit Photo URL: /nature-is-speaking/publishingimages/sky_hpslider.jpg
Edit Photo Title: Joan Chen is ‘Sky’
Edit Photo Description: Watch and share the latest ‘Nature Is Speaking’ film
Edit Button Caption: Watch Now
Edit Button Link: /nature-is-speaking/pages/joan-chen-is-sky.aspx
Edit Photo Alt Text: Storm clouds and lightning in South Dakota
Edit Photo Credit: © Roger Hill/500px


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EditPhoto URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_63418249_Full.jpg
EditPhoto Title:Isn’t this worth protecting?
EditPhoto Description:Your donation will help protect nature.
EditButton Caption:DONATE NOW
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EditPhoto Credit:© Wil Stewart
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We are Conservation International.

We’re working to ensure a healthy, productive planet for everyone.

Because people need nature to thrive.

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EditCircle Name:Innovators
EditCircle Description: Cutting-edge science and innovation guide everything we do. From signing the first debt-for-nature swap to creating a global tool to measure ocean health, we believe in thinking outside of the box.

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EditCircle Name:Collaborative
EditCircle Description:We work closely with communities, governments, businesses and many others because we make a bigger impact when we work together.

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EditCircle Name:Visionaries
EditCircle Description:We believe in big ideas. We draw on the reach of our many partners, and our decades of conservation experience, to push for planet-sized changes.

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EditCircle Name:Results-Oriented
EditCircle Description:The challenges before us require big ideas — and even bigger results. We’re getting things done on the ground in more than 25 countries.

Why support CI?

We put your money right to work in the places where it’s needed most — because the issues we’re tackling require urgent action.

We match your funds with contributions from governments, foundations and other donors. Every donation, no matter how small, supports planet-sized change.

We join forces with more than 2,000 partners around the world to get things done. Since we were founded, we have helped to protect more than 3.4 million square kilometers (1.3 million square miles) of land and sea.

We use your support to find big-picture solutions to global problems. We are not looking at one sector or one issue — and we’re not interested in short-term fixes.


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EditImage Description:© Adrián Portugal
EditHeading:Illegal Logger To Forest Champion
EditDescription:Destroying forests was a necessary evil — until the day Norbil Becerra saw a hummingbird.
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EditImage URL:/SiteCollectionImages/ci_90849779vwo.jpg
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EditImage Description:© Cristina Mittermeier/ iLCP
EditHeading:Brazil’s Stewards of the Forest
EditDescription:Helping the Kayapó people secure economic independence and protect their culture and habitats.
EditButton Text:Learn More
EditButton URL:/projects/Pages/kayapo-stewards-of-the-forests-brazil.aspx

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EditImage URL:/sitecollectionimages/ci_47047403.jpg
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EditImage Description:Free diver teaching youth how to sustainably harvest fish using a three-prong spear. © Conservation International/photo by S. Kēhaunani Springer
EditHeading:Bringing Back Fish for Hawai‘i
EditDescription:CI partners with Hawaiian natives to revive traditional and sustainable fish pond practices.
EditButton Text:Take a Closer Look
EditButton URL:/stories/Pages/Bringing-back-fish-for-people-in-Hawaii.aspx