Lemurs of Madagascar Pocket Identification Guide: Nocturnal Lemurs

Nocturnal Lemurs

Conservation International and the IUCN Primate Specialist Group have published two new pocket guides, Nocturnal Lemurs and Diurnal and Cathemeral Lemurs, which together encompass the ninety-nine currently recognized species and subspecies of lemurs.

Our understanding of this diversity has improved substantially since the first lemur field guide was published in 1994, and the number of taxa now recognized has grown beyond the panels of our first folding guide that we produced in 2005.  Presenting the lemurs of Madagascar in two separate guides — one for the diurnal species, one for the nocturnal — allows more space for additional color morphs, new country maps and detailed facial portraits. Dividing the species by their activity patterns also offers an advantage in the field: the ability to bring along the right guide for the species you’re most likely to see, be it a morning hike or a nighttime excursion.

The nocturnal pocket guide presents 65 species of lemurs — some of them only just described — from eight genera: Allocebus, Avahi, Cheirogaleus, Daubentonia, Lepilemur, Microcebus, Mirza and Phaner. As always, it has been meticulously illustrated by primate artist Stephen Nash, and concludes with a checklist to its respective lemur taxa.

In addition, the new guide features a new map of Madagascar, showing key protected areas throughout the country which contain the best sites for lemur encounters.

Don't forget a copy for lemurs during the day, Lemurs of Madagascar Pocket Identification Guide: Diurnal and Cathemeral Lemurs.

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Lemurs of Madagascar Pocket Identification Guide: Nocturnal Lemurs can be purchased directly from Conservation International. Simply print and fill out the order form, and follow the instructions to mail it or fax it to CI.

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International customers can now order this title through our new distributor, NHBS Environment Bookstore.

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