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The Sustainable Coffee Challenge has developed a draft sustainability framework to allow us to better understand how the investments and actions we are making to spark greater demand for sustainability within the coffee sector contribute to a common set of outcomes - the prosperity and well-being of farmers, workers and communities, sustained supply of coffee and​ the conservation of nature.

Having a common framework will enable us to more effectively communicate about our efforts, to track our progress, identify what else is needed, and stimulate new partnerships and actions that stimulate demand and promote consumption of sustainable coffee and transitions the entire coffee sector to sustainable production.


​Over the past 10 months the Sustainability Framework Working Group has been working to develop a common sustainability framework for the coffee sector.

Requesting your input and feedback

We are now embarking on a consultative review process for the framework and welcome your feedback and input for how to make it better and more useful.

Please download the full framework​ and provide feedback in one of the following ways:

Please also be on the lookout for invitations to a series of online discussions in the coming months to dive into and discuss the key elements of the Framework. The first of these sessions will take place on December 13 at 10:30 AM eastern time and will focus on the Definition of Success and North S​tar Elements.

North Star

The industry has a part to play in reversing climate change. Halting deforestation globally – including through fostering sustainable farming practices in coffee production – can provide more than 30% of the carbon sequestration and storage needed to limit global temperature rise to safe levels.

The Challenge is convening the sector to sustain the coffee industry while ensuring the prosperity and wellbeing of farmers and conserving forest, water and soil. These elements make up our “North Star” – our guiding light. We measure all of our efforts against it.

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For the Challenge to be successful, we must ensure the economic prosperity and wellbeing of communities dependent on coffee production. We strive to create healthier farmer communities by providing greater economic stability, and by promoting the inclusion of women, youth and indigenous people in the coffee sector.


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Forest, water and soil conservation, restoration and management is the second element of our North Star. This includes biodiversity conservation and reducing impacts on freshwater from production and processing, all while tackling reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


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EditText:The third North Star element is sustaining the supply of coffee. We work to maintain and enhance the quality of coffee to ensure our ability to meet the future demand for coffee.
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By encouraging organizations to align around these North Star elements, the Sustainable Coffee Challenge will focus our partners’ collective efforts to change the coffee industry.​

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EditCaption Description:Understand the kinds of commitments being made by organizations across the industry and how they will contribute to our goal of making coffee the first sustainable agricultural product.
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